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August 2015
Hello Everyone,
I had a older car that was rusting apart and needed to be replaced. I looked on-line and found a listing by Linton Motorsport Inc on Ebay. I looked and was very impressed by the pictures of the car and the description. This was a used car, 2009 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor model. The car was in showroom condition. I searched on-line and looked at least 600 other cars but kept coming back to Linton. I contacted Scott and asked several questions and received a quick reply. I continued to look for additional cars but kept coming back to Scotts ad. I called and asked what was the cost if I walked in his office and drove off with the car. Scott gave me a fair price, I provided him with a deposit and told him I would be there on Monday morning.

I traveled to Washington from Massachusetts and on Monday arrived at the office. I saw the car and my jaw hit the floor. This car was exactly as described in the ad and looked like it was showroom new. I checked the car out inside and out and everything was as Scott described. I took the car for a ride and it felt like it was brand new. The car was not used as a daily cruiser but use by a Federal agency executive service and it was obvious that he drove from home and to the office and that is about it. The mileage was only 49800 and the interior and body was mint as well. I was happy to give Scott a check and I drove back to the Peoples  Democratic Republic of Massachusetts. The ride was comfortable and no problems. I had the title swapped over and brought the car to my mechanic to get my vehicle inspection sticker. The car passed with flying colors and when done the mechanic checked out the underside and every nook and cranny he could and he said he was impressed and I was asked how much I wanted for it. I also had three others make me a offer to buy the car but no thank you, I will keep this and I was very happy to find Scott and the beautiful cars he had listed.

Now I did recommend that my mechanic check out Scotts web site and he did since he was looking to replace
his truck. I was very happy with this buying experience. Scott was straight forward honest and not like a typical car dealer that will say anything to make a sale. I saw the other cars on his lot and they were in excellent condition. I would recommend Linton Motorsport for anyone looking for a quality vehicle. Good deal and excellent cars.  If I need another car, I will check Scotts site again. I am a very happy customer. You will be as well.

Kevin B.

July 2012
Two months ago I found a vehicle I was interested in, seeing the listing first on eBay, then on the Linton motorsport website. The vehicle was located in Virginia and I am a Florida resident, too busy to travel to examine or test drive a car. The photographs and description of the vehicle condition were very accurate, and the Linton staff were particularly helpful in accomplishing the transaction quickly and efficiently. Jaime and Stephanie were available at all times, and very honest and professional.
Buying a vehicle long distance requires trust and confidence in the seller; in this case I received great service, an excellent vehicle, and a fair price from Linton Motors.

Mike G.

February 2012
My sincere thanks to you and your entire staff for making my recent automobile purchase a happy, pleasant experience.  Sometimes buying a car is a bit like going to the dentist but my visit to Linton Motorsport, Inc was totally enjoyable!  I thank you personally for the time you spent on the telephone with me.  Also,  your entire staff- starting with Jaime, who was very knowledgeable and friendly, Stephanie who was smart, organized and loves her football and other young man, David are all to be commended.  In conclusion, I am extremely happy with my Mustang and for the pleasurable experience of buying it- made possibly by your most admirable staff.
Thanks again,

Stephen W.

January 2012
I don't normally bother to write reviews, but I have only good things to say about this place and think they deserve a good write-up.  I bought a Jeep from them a month or so ago. Having spent a good few weekends looking at cars at huge dealerships in and around DC with greasy salesmen who irritated me, Linton suddenly made the world feel like a better place! They were not pushy, they explained things simply (helpful to me, as a Brit who has just moved here), let me go and get the vehicle checked out independently, and they sold me what, so far, has proved to be a decent car at a decent price. I am surprised that others have apparently not had good customer service: everyone we met was polite, knowledgeable and pleasant. We dealt with Jaime and with Scott. I would recommend both wholeheartedly.

From Yahoo Reviews

October 2011
We were referred to your company by Bob and Mel K. and I wanted to express total satisfaction with the service we received from your staff.  We were in the market for my son Drew's car first purchase.  Jamie was fantastic in working with Drew, helping him to understand the car buying process.  It also required extra work on his part because it was Drew's first loan, with a limited credit history.  The car he selected was a 2003 Black Honda Civic with only 64K miles, very clean, and a great first car.

We will definitely work with your company in the future when we are in the market for our next car.

Please pass on our thanks to Jamie for a job well done!

Tony M.

April 2011
I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Jaime, Dave, Stephanie and Scott all for your help on Saturday in getting the deal done with the Jeep.  It was a long day, but in the end I'm pleased that we were able to get something to work and I love driving the Jeep.  After the nasty weather Saturday, the sun came out yesterday and we had the top down cruising around DC.  It was great.

Thanks for your help.  I think you guys have a knowledgeable, truthful approach and it made for a great buying experience.

I wish you and the entire team continued success.

February 16, 2011
Far too often exemplary efforts of ordinary, hard-working people involved in everyday transactions of various kinds go unnoticed or unacknowledged.  It's a shame and I have made that mistake myself once too many times.  I'd like to redress that somewhat by bringing attention to a small team of honest-to-God auto enthusiasts in Manassas Park, Virginia led by Scott Linton.  In a field crowded by unscrupulous automobile salesmen who have no qualms about pulling the wool over a potential customer's eyes, Linton MotorSport sets itself apart.  To this day, I wonder at the good fortune I had to run into Scott and his team that lazy summer day in 2009 - I hadn't heard about them through word-of-mouth, I hadn't come across their name on a 10-foot tall sign next to the highway, their name wasn't splattered on  Linton Motorsport was listed on a humble Google search by chance - one random click later and a few words caught my eye:  "lasting relationships with our clients", "true passion for the finest automobiles".  Good PR writing, I thought. Those words resonated, they struck a cord, but I was skeptical, as I tend to be towards auto salesmen. Nevertheless, they claimed to be different, and I did have a very specific car in mind, so I hopped in the car and paid a short visit.

Within a quarter of an hour I knew I was dealing with just the right kind of people - an easy smile but no hard sell, a smart, well-organized office and shop, the knowledge of cars and the market that they come from.  There it is, a "true passion", a relaxed but professional and step-wise approach to understanding the client's needs and desires and to building a relationship. Scott made me feel at home and as if we had all the time in the world. He bantered at length and lovingly about minute details of an early 1970s tangerine orange Porsche parked in a corner of the shop.  He joked about his past even as he made just the right inquiries about what I wanted.  Never before had I dealt with such people when the subject was the purchase of a car - computers, cameras and artwork, sure, but not cars.  Suffice it so say, in time, Scott and his team located the "car of my dreams" (an overused, but in this case, apt phrase) - a sublime 2006 Volvo XC70 Ocean Race Edition.  They worked honorably with me to strike a fair deal and they stretched themselves, I know they did.  If anything, they were more forthcoming than I was, I'm embarrassed to say.  In truth, my past dubious experience held me back but I eventually embraced what was staring me in the face from the start:  the fact that Linton Motorsport actually operates on trust, a simple enough no-nonsense word, but very elusive in our time, not to speak of the marketplace. Trust. That's what it all comes down to, for all of us, buyer AND seller - and I believe it's the single most important element in any transaction.  Yes, you get a great car at the end of the day, but there's also the satisfaction you derive from how that happened. That's no simple satisfaction.  And that's what gives ordinary people like me the confidence to commend and to recommend Scott Linton and Linton Motorsport to you.  Don't take my word for it - just glance at the wall in the office, alive with similar testimonies that keep coming, and coming...

December 10, 2010
I wanted once again to thank you for the professional manner and care that you've spent to take care of Nathan in the purchase of this 99 dodge diesel truck. Your knowledge of the vehicle and attention to detail tells me much you enjoy your job and want only the best for your customers. Nathan feels that you specifically wanted to sell this vehicle to him and to him only. I know that he did pursue this very aggressively and that might have been a key factor.

I believe you Jamie treated him as a son and wanted to do the best that you could do and as a dad I really appreciate this. Scott as you know you have a great sales manager who has a special heart for people, not just for the sale (as I saw in you also).  I realize that income is why most of us work, but you can always tell who's really loves what they do, it always shows.

In closing, you guys very well have earned our business in the future and look forward to returning to Linton Motorsport, Inc.
Thanks again
Mark Penaranda

November 6, 2009
It's been a couple of months, but I wanted to thank you and your team again for a great sales experience relative to the 2008 Xterra.  It's a great truck, and was everything you said it was.  To be blunt, I freaking love it. I would not hesitate to come back to your business, even from Raleigh, to buy another vehicle.
It made the trip to Wyoming and back, which included some serious Bureau of Land Management trails in western WY, with zero problems. And Nissan did it right with that motor.
Again, thanks for the truck. Car buying can be, unfortunately, a trying experience.  You guys made it easy.
Raleigh, NC

April 29, 2009
I want to thank you both for making my recent purchase of the 1986 BMW 535i such a pleasure. Jaime and the team were friendly, professional and accommodating every step of the way. The team did a superb job detailing the car prior to delivery on April 10th and handled the paperwork efficiently and courteously.  My buying experience was most definitely a pleasant one and I will tell my friends. You certainly earned my trust and confidence and I am very happy to be writing this letter to say so.
Rick G.

September 24, 2007
Ebay finally let me leave feedback! I want to express my thanks once again for the superb business deal. I own a consulting business and teach professional ethics as an organization development tool. Usually I am helping corporations bail out from dishonesty in the marketplace. In your circumstance, I did not have to worry about Jaime’s honesty. We spoke. I asked for his assurance that the car was everything it was advertised to be. He said it was. That was good enough for me.  Integrity is so very important to me. You folks exhibited your business and personal integrity throughout the course of a most pleasant business deal.  Please feel free to print this e-mail for posting at your dealership. I would not hesitate to do business with Linton Motorsport, Inc. on a future occasion.
Warren M.

October 13, 2006
I’m back, safe and sound… 3,444.8 marvelous miles, a great drive thru some truly magnificent country in a fabulous driving machine. My first thought as I stopped in front of my house was how much I enjoyed the experience and that I was feeling a bit saddened that it was not to continue tomorrow and the next day and the next…
For now, it’s good to be home… well, sort of… grins.

September 08, 2006
I can’t say enough about the professionalism and integrity of Linton Motorsport. My purchase of a very special and unique 2005 BMW M3 was a pleasure from start to finish. Their assistance given the great distance involved, went above and beyond and their personal attention to detail ensure an uneventful crossing of the border. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone considering a vehicle purchase.
David R.

December 27, 2005
My experience couldn’t have been better. I have purchased two cars from them (a 2001 Saab and a 2001 Infiniti QX4) and will buy my next car from them. They really do look out for their customer both in their purchase of the vehicle on their lot and in any follow up necessary after the sale. A super weird coincidence was that when my daughter was standing in line to get her new tags in Franklin, TN a suburb of Nashville, the guy in line behind her heard her say Linton Motorsport to the registration lady. He introduced himself and said he was a mechanic and had inspected a Mercedes for a friend of his in Atlanta who was going to buy it. His friend did buy it and when he got back to Atlanta there was something wrong with the car that Linton and his mechanic had missed and I guess this is bound to happen from time to time. His friend called Linton Motorsport, informed them of the problem and was told to have any necessary repairs down and send them the bill. How often does that happen these days? I have met Scott Linton and Jaime, their sales manager and personally feel both are individuals of strong integrity, as well as being nice guys, and will certainly stand behind what they sell. I will certainly buy my next car from them and feel fortunate I have found a place to buy cars in a excellent condition at a very fair price.
G. K. L.

November 16, 2002
I took delivery of the most investigated vehicle in history yesterday. It is cleaner and better than you described.
Thanks a lot for all your help. Hopefully I can refer some customers who are less of a pain than me.
John C.

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